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Andrzej Święcicki

a historian, author of a guide to Mazovia


His date of birth is unknown. Święcicki was born and raised in Nur lands in the Duchy of Mazovia. He attended Jesuit schools. He married Małgorzata Ciołek and settled on the property she received as dowry in Ostrołęka near Warka. Święcicki called the village, which once had town rights, the stronghold of Muses. The magic of the place may have contributed to him starting a literary career. He shared his time between writing, managing the property on the Pilica River, and an active public life. In 1598, after some money troubles, Święcicki returned home to Nur lands.

He was fascinated with history. He wrote “The Lives and Times of Mazovian Princes” (“Dzieje książąt mazowieckich”) and an article on the two last Mazovian princes from the Piast dynasty. His literary masterpiece is “Topography or the description of Mazovia” (“Topografia albo opis Mazowsza”), where we can find important information regarding the former Czersk lands, including the villages of Czersk, Goszczyn, Ostrołęka and the towns of Grójec and Warka.

Andrzej Święcicki died around 1611.

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