Tormented H. Gaetano

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Santa piva di Warka

Tormented H. Gaetano

Once upon a time, a papal legate visited Poland. He learned to appreciate Polish dishes, which were quite different from Italian cuisine! He grew especially fond of Warka beer. When his stay in Poland came to an end, the legate returned to Rome, and, with time, became seriously ill.

No medicine could help him and his health deteriorated in front of his fellow cardinals’ eyes. The latter gathered at his deathbed and prayed for his recovery. The sick Cardinal had high fever, and, being dehydrated, quietly wished for the famous beverage, saying “O, piva di Warka” (“Oh, Warka beer!”).

Those present thought that the dying Cardinal was calling out for help from a lesser known saint and started a prayer “Santa Piva di Warka ora pro nobis…” (“Holy Warka beer, pray for us…”) This made the cardinal laugh so hard that the abscess in his throat, which obstructed his airways, burst and soon after, the Cardinal recovered.

One laugh a day keeps the doctor away!

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