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“Korek” Warka Kayaking Club

The Club is a natural continuation of the successful kayaking section at the Pilica Military Sports Club “WKS Pilica.”

The “Korek” Warka Kayaking Club was first founded under the name “Korek” Rowing Association by Sławomir Celejewski, Tadeusz Gąszcz, Jacek Kamiński, Tadeusz Kopczyński, and Mirosław Pawlak. Witold Batte was named President. The Club had about sixty members from the Reservist Club and the Brewery. It had 25 kayaks (15 single and 10 double ones).

The Club has many successes under its belt; its representatives have won a competition on the Vistula River and its tributaries called “the star-studded kayaking race” (with a pre-established accommodation base, from which the competitors are transported to a different part of the river every morning and return to the base for the night), organized to mark the Millennium of Gdańsk (1997) as well as the 30th Jubilee National Kayaking Race named for architect and member of the Polish Kayaking Association Marian Plebańczyk on the San River in 2000. Today, the Club operates under the name “Korek” Warka Kayaking Club (presumably since 2005).

In 2021, the Club together with the Municipal Cultural Institution “Manor at Długa Street” helped celebrate the 700th anniversary of the town of Warka, organizing a kayaking event called “700 kayaks for the 700th anniversary of Warka.” To participate, the locals could rent a kayak from one of the event’s partners for a trip from Warka to Budy Michałowskie of about 10 miles. The event was designed to combine kayaking and entertainment to symbolically celebrate the Town’s jubilee.

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